Bag2School is your FREE fundraising solution,
transforming your second-hand clothing into instant cash
for your school. Learn more or book today.

  • From kindergarten to university, every student can take part. In fact, any organization can succeed with a Bag2School collection, from schools to sports teams, churches and daycares – any group with a fundraising goal.

No-Cost Fundraising!
  • There is absolutely no cost to your school/organization. We supply all of the promotional material to help your fundraising day run smoothly.
  • Students, staff and parents work together to contribute previously enjoyed clothing and textiles that are then weighed and exchanged for cash at the current market rate.
  • The items will then either be sold as quality used clothing in Canada and overseas or taken to recycling facilities where they will be processed into brand new products.
  • It's that simple to raise money for your school.

Make Your Fundraiser a Green One
  • It feels good to be green. The fundraiser teaches students about the importance of recycling and re-using, fostering environmental awareness at a young age. The students will also be making a positive impact environmentally, by reducing the amount of textile waste in our landfills.